People all around the world rely on our products to safely reduce their risk slip fall injuries as well as to increase the performance of every step they take. Here is just a sample of testimonials from customers who would not consider any other type of safety / performance product.

I used this product in my bathtub over a year ago to eliminate the slippery surface. It has done an incredible job, Not only is the bathtub not in the least slippery, I have not had to scrub any bathtub ring since putting Traction Up – Floors on it. Dirt does not stick to it. I also put this product on a very slipper hallway in an entrance and the same story. No more concerns on slipping. Great stuff is all I can say!

  • David Jollymore

Traction Up is easy to apply, no mess and works great! Would definitely recommend this product!

  • Steve R-b

I’ve used Traction Up – Everyday on my shoes, tub, and floors. Every single time it worked like a charm and made it near impossible to slip on. Highly recommend this product!

  • Troy White

Traction Up – Everyday is an amazing product! Would be great for people with Multiple Sclerosis who have balance issues like me!

  • Lucie Engberg-Connell

I just applied Traction Up – Everyday to all of my stairs and couldn’t believe all the grip it gave me!

  • Gallant Dill

Our installers love Traction Up – Safety on their work boots, the increased traction provided while working in wet surfaces. We also use Traction Up – Floors on the entrance to our business and love the re-assurance is gives us.

  • My Water Inc

“We are very satisfied with the result of the traction product. Our bath tubs had a gray, dingy color to them especially on the bottom where the slip resistant strips used to be. Guests always thought our bathtubs were dirty because of the color. Not only are our tubs clean, they are slip resistant as well. The guests have less chance to fall now, and that reduces our headaches of unnecessary lawsuits and expenses.”

  • Comfort Inn

“The results of your anti-slip treatment at our business has dramatically improved since the application of your product.”

  • Sudbury Hospital Services

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