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Fill out the form to request a custom quote and see if you qualify for any Cruise Ship outdoor or indoor floor safety and footwear safety pricing discounts. One of our product safety experts will follow-up and answer any of your questions about increasing safety and traction for your customers or concerns you have about your floor surfaces or staff’s footwear safety. We are here to help! Any project, both big or small.

Why choose Traction Up for your Cruise Ship floor non-slip traction products?

Cruise Ship’s operate all year long and are busy with 1000’s of travelers. Cruise Ship’s generally have steel and tile floors; making slips and falls are a real issue. Cruise Ships should have the best floor safety possible to increase the safety of all visitors and staff. Our Floor Traction product is designed and engineered to provide you the safest, cleanest floor. Be confident when your floors get wet from rain or snow in your Casino; knowing that you have the added floor traction needed in your Cruise Ship. Our non-slip traction coating make it easy for you to get the floor safety you need with the right traction product for your Cruise Ship, all in one place, saving you precious time and money.
  • Increase safety for everyone: Use Traction Up to increase the safety of all your staff and gambling customers
  • Keep all floors safe: Invisible coating provides millions of nano-spikes per square inch of floor surface
  • Easier floor cleaning: With Traction Up installed, your floors look cleaner and clean easier
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Professional grade product support

Our knowledgeable staff can guide you through the process of purchasing the right Traction products for your Casino safety needs.
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Complete detailed instructions

Product + Instructions + Videos. Get everything you need for to install Traction Up all in one place saving you valuable time and money.
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Saving your wallet & the environment

Once Traction Up – Floors has been installed, you can contact your insurance rep to come in and feel your safe, wet floors and ask for an insurance discount on monthly premiums. Not only will you save money on insurance savings but the long life of Traction Up will reduce worker injury costs too.
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Scalability for your demand

Whether you need 1,000 sq feet needed or 100,000 sq feet, we’ve got you covered. Our manufacture can support the projects demanding the most out of production.

Common Cruise Ship Floor Safety Applications:

  • All Entrances
  • All outdoor walkways around Cruise Ship
  • All Bathrooms / Showers
  • All stairs that your customers use
  • All concession areas for people carrying drinks (providing no rugs are there)
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What makes an industry leader?

Non Slip Floor and Footwear products from are produced with the customer in mind. When you purchase an anti-slip product from us you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the product was developed following industry standards and developed to last. Floor safety and footwear traction is what we do best and we want to make sure you have the best traction products and support for your safety needs. With over 7,000 installations our clients continue to enjoy the benefits of our non-slip floor products.

  • 10-20% liability / worker compensation savings
  • Volume discounts available
  • Product selection guidance
  • Quick ship options

Cruise Ship floor’s become wet from rain and snow. Gamblers walking from the arena / stadium parking lot bring the snow or water into the entrance. This causes slippery and dangerous conditions for all gamblers and staff. Many Cruise Ship’s also have concessions stands selling water, beer and pop. When someone spills a drink on the floor or on the stairs in your entertainment areas walking to their seat the floors become slippery and dangerous. Traction Up provides you can now have a much safer floor for your gamblers, music and entertainment fans, and staff.

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