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The FactsSlips and Falls

Slippery areas require highly effective safety solutions.

Traction Up's nano-spike technology increases traction by up to 283% as tested by William Marletta Ph.D. This non-slip anti-slip product increases safety, performance and traction for all types of families, workers, athlete’s footwear and all types of high gloss and other floors. We have your answer.

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Of all Incidents are slip & falls


Cause emergency room visits


Lost days of work


of all Slips cause accidental deaths


I just used the product to treat my football shoes and felt better grip while playing tag football. Great Product!

  • Scott Stewart
  • Customer

Traction Up is the perfect product to increase the grip on any type of floor. We installed it at our printing shop and get the extra grip with every step we take. Thank you.

  • Donald Cooper
  • Customer

I tried the product on my high heels and running shoes. It was simple to do and I love the extra grip.

  • Kim Dawson
  • Customer

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Traction Up is the perfect product for all family members, grandparents, children, workers, athletes and floors. You can find your desired product with just a few clicks on our website.

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